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Default Accounts not defaulting correctly

Joel Rodencal asked 5 years ago
Flexicoder needs to be updated so that when it is determining default accounts that it looks at the line items on the sales document first to determine the correct accounts to use, this is normal GP functionality and Flexicoder shouldn’t be interfering with normal GP functionality if there is no request to change the account number by flexicoder.
I enter a Sales Invoice.
I add a line, and drill down on that line to change the sales account to post to a different sales account.
Initially my document looks correct for distributions, but as soon as I save the document and reopen it, the distributions on the document have defaulted back to the original account numbers.
If I look at my line item that is still coded correct, and if I hit the “Default Distributions” button it recodes correctly, but again after save the document is incorrect.
Flexicoder is not using the “default distributions” process correctly and first needs to look at all of the line items accounts and then progress thru the other options.
I don’t consider this a feature request, but really a fix to a bug, because once again this is normal GP functionality and Flexicoder should not be interfering with that unless I set it up to do so.
Please feel free to contact me if there are further questions on this.
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 5 years ago
This Problem Report is under consideration and will be looked at further to implement in Flexicoder.

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