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"Decimal places passed on in XTNDPRICE does not match setup"

Paul asked 6 years ago
This field in my excel template is a hardkeyed 361.28
When I upload it via SmartConnect, I get the error message above, and SmartConnect appears to be importing this field as 361.2799
Re-checking my excel template, there are no additional characters after the “8” in the cell, so this is not an issue of extraneous characters. I’ve also tried replacing the hard-keyed figure with a ROUND formula to convert it to 2 decimal places if necessary, to no avail.
Why is SmartConnect not receiving this data the same way it appears to be laid out in the upload template? This is happening on about 5 rows of an upload template that has a total of 81 rows, so this doesn’t appear to be a global issue for me.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
I’ve seen that before when a user copies and pastes data into cells into Excel. 
The underlying issue is that the underlying data to the cell – the Value2 in Excel – is different than the formatted UI that you see.
If you zero it out and then re-type the value, it should be ok.
The rounding was a good idea but what I’d suggest is that you put the rounding on the SmartConnect side.  So no matter what happens on the Excel side, then you would round 361.2799 or 361.280001 back down to 361.28 either way.
Eduardo replied 5 years ago

We had moved a GP company to another dynamics system db and ran check links. Check links did not find the currency ID and auto created the currency id with 0 decimal. Comparing MC40000 and dynamics..MC40200 was the key for resolution. Updated the decimal places for currency – the error econnect was able to process the transaction successfully. Also verify if MC40000.FUNCRIDX is equal to dynamics..MC40200.CURRNIDX for functional currency

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