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Decimal Places Passed in on Unit Cost Does Not Match Setup

John asked 4 years ago

In trying to import purchasing receipts for Microsoft Dynamics GP, I’m getting the following error on the Line Item node (taPopRcptLineItemInsert):

Decimal Places Passed in on Unit Cost Does Not Match Setup.

This error makes absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt no flippin’ sense whatsoever.

True, the decimal placement of the Unit Cost field of some of the records in the database goes beyond 2.  But, for a similar map for purchase orders, I eliminated the error by using the following calculation for the Unit Cost field:

return fn.ROUND (UNITCOST, 2 ).

For the receivings map and for a record whose Unit Cost is 6.72, however, it is throwing this error – whether I use this calculation or not.  And, I have tried resolving this a million ways to Sunday.

Here’s what I don’t get.  The Unit Cost, in this example, actually does not go beyond 2 decimal places.  It is, simply, a figure of 6.72.  And, the GP Purchase Order Processing Setup window is set to 2 for Currency Decimal placement of noninventoried items.

Any ideas?

Thank you!
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
Decimal Places Currency for an item is pulled from the IV00105 table.
I would guess that you have an unexpected entry into this table for your item/currency that you don’t expect which has the decimals set to 0 or 1 (1 or 2 in the table I believe).

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