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decimal error 9726

athomas asked 9 years ago
Does anyone know how to resolve this error message?

Error Number = 9276 Stored Procedure taGLTransactionHeaderInsert Error
Description = Decimal Places passed in to line does not match setup

athomas replied 9 years ago

actual it is error 9276…typo

athomas replied 9 years ago

typo…error 9276

Best Answer
sueconrod answered 9 years ago
I've run into this error and basically you have your system to accept a certain # of decimals.  For our US company in the Company setup we have it setup to accept 2 when it comes to GL, invoices, Payables.  Depends on what you are bringing in, in some of the Inventory setups I have seen where you can bring in up to 5 decimals.  And in The FX currency exchange it can bring in 5 decimals.  You need to check your setups.  And just because excel is showing two decimals you need to use the =Round(point to the amount or whatever you have in decimals, # of decimals you should have).  You may have hidden decimals out there

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