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Data Source File Name

Daniel asked 7 years ago
The data source file name should be written to a global variable in order for a user to use it in importing their data.  Especially when the data source is a folder.  this is where there can be multiple files with different names (i.e. the reason you use a folder data source) and to be able to document the filename being processed is critical in audit documentation….
The program already has the filename, there is no reason not to expose the data to the external user, maybe in a global variable, so we can access the information.
Jared Dux Staff answered 7 years ago
This has been added for consideration in a future release.
Jen Kuntz answered 6 years ago
100% agree with this suggestion! I was just searching for answer on this for the exact same reason.
Rob Mitchell answered 9 months ago

I agree and it looks like it was never added as a feature.

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