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Data in new EXT01100 Table

Gonzalo asked 7 years ago
I’m having a heck of a time with these new EXT tables.
My company just upgraded to Great Plains 2013, which caused all my stored procs to be useless.
Before the upgrade, I used to reference a table called B0800002 to EXT tables called EXT00103 and EXT00102. Since the upgrade, all the data that were located in the mentioned EXT tables have moved to EXT01102 and EXT01103.
I have some understanding that these new EXT tables are tied to EXT1100, but still cant get them to fully relate. Since the EXT1100 table doesn’t have a true CUSTNMBR field.
I’m trying to relate table B0800002 to these new EXT tables.
Hopefully someone can assist. Been bashing my head for the last two days. The table structure documentation is somewhat helpful, but not 100% helpful.
Lorren answered 7 years ago
The EXT01100 has the Extender_Key_Values_1, Extender_Key_Values_2,Extender_Key_Values_3, Extender_Key_Values_4, and Extender_Key_Values_5 that match to the order the key values are selected when the Extender Window was created.
If the only key value for that Extender window was Customer Number, the Customer Number is stored in the EXT01100.Extender_Key_Values_1 field and that is what you would use to link to your B0800002 table. You would also need to restrict the query by the Extender_Window_ID in case there are other windows attached to a Dynamics GP window by Customer Number.

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