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Data doesn't display in GP

Susan Singleton asked 5 years ago
I successfully imported data into GP using SmartConnect, but one field isn’t displaying the data on the GP screen.  If I run a smartlist, the data is there.  If I scroll forward from screen to screen, the data imported for that field “flickers”, but then disappears and the field displays as blank. 
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 5 years ago
If the data is in the SQL table, which it probably is if it shows up in a SmartList, then there is some logic, be it Dynamics GP or Custom (VBA/.NET) that would prevent it from being displayed.
Look at the window name at the top to see if there is a period before or after and that would definitely signify some VBA logic. Otherwise, you would want to talk to the Dynamics GP administrator to see about any existing customizations

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