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D365 CE Clear Lookup Field

Leanne asked 4 years ago
We are having issues trying to clear a lookup field on the CRM Account during an integration from GP.
We have an integration of GP customers to CRM accounts.  The customer card is the ‘Parent’ account in CRM and the customer addresses are the children.  If someone changes the addresscode on the customer card, we need to ‘reparent’ all the children accounts in CRM.  This works great for all addresses except for the addresscode noted as the new parent as we need to clear the Parent Account field on the record.  
We’ve tried passing a blank or using a multi-lookup to return a blank result with ‘update blank data’ selected but the map fails on finding an associated account record.  
Any ideas you have on how to clear the Parent Account field are appreciated!
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 4 years ago
Here is a link to a help article to remove references in lookup fields.

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