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custom rolling column to generate master-detail relation

Sebastien G. asked 7 years ago
We created a map to fill a NON-GP destination. There is  a header table ans a detail table.
We tried using a custom rolling column to specified the headerID but it looks like it fail to increment.

As soon as we run the map we get the following error:
“Could not get next number for headerTableIdFieldName : Could not retrieve the next number in the sequence.

What is the most effective way to solve this problem?
Thanks you
Sebastien G.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
Not sure about this one, we’d probably have to ask you to email support so we could either remote in and look at it.  Or export your map and the table definitions/data from your source & dest table and we’d be able to reproduce it here and resolve.
Sébastien G. answered 7 years ago
Thank you Patrick,
We’ll have our GP partner contact you.

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