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Custom node will not fail

David Jedziniak asked 7 years ago
I have created a custom econnect proc, complete with pre and post procs.
I added a reference to this proc using node maintenance.
I created a map with a destination of the custom node and mapped the fields to my custom proc.
I set the source to a single record.
When I run the map, it reports success for 1 record.
However, I know it should fail.  When I run the proc manually against the same values using SSMS, I get back the the correct number in error state and errmessage variables.  The proc also correctly returns the errorstate value.  
I have validated that the proc is not doing the insert in the map or in SSMS (since it is failing).  How do I get smartconnect to realize the record failed?
Lorren Zemke replied 7 years ago

Dave, can you send me your stored proc and map and datasource?

David Jedziniak replied 7 years ago

I figured out the issue last night. For some reason, when I typed the name of the proc in to node maintenance, it was tying to the post proc, rather than the main one. (A SQL trace helped me figure that out). I had to drop the post proc from the database, create the node, then re-add the post proc to the database and it now runs fine.
This was on

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