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Csv file not quoted

Habib asked 2 years ago
Habib Salim replied 2 years ago

I am woking with Smartconnect for gp2015
The source file has no headers, is comma delimited without quotes surrounding text values
I created a schema file with custom column names, and again with just the generic( f1, f2) column names
the preview shows no data.

What am i doing incorrectly?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 2 years ago

There aren’t any issues with csv files w/o headers that I am aware of.
I would go back into the “create schema” window and verify that your schema is there as expected – it should be. If not, that’s our issue.

As for “default F1, F2, etc Fn” columns appear but has no data – if this is a “folder data source” map then that is not unexpected as folder data source queries never show data even if there is some to display.

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