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CSV destination file

Julie asked 6 years ago
I am trying to export using a SQL SP as the source and a csv as the destination.  All columns are string.  Several of  my columns do not have a value (blank value not a null value).  When I run the SP I see everything looking correctly, but when it exports to csv instead of putting in a , to separate columns it is doing nothing.
I would expect to see
instead I see
Is there some sort of setting I should be playing with in SC to tell it blank values are ok?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
this would suggest a bug, i’d have to test it out on the latest version to verify.
in the end, you can work around it though
here I make a fixed length output file.  But in your case, you’d just concatenate a big string with the comma as the separator instead.
hopefully the headers work ok – I suspect they are ok (if you need them)
Julie replied 6 years ago

I actually worked around it by outputting ~~ for each column and then doing an after step batch file that replaces ~~ with nothing. I can reproduce this also in an excel export. It seems to ignore when you have several columns of blank values coming from your source.

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