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CRM user updates record, eOne Change Table not updating

Mike asked 5 years ago
I have a map that integrates the CRM Quote with the GP Sales Order. The map works great, but, when a non-administrator user updates a Quote, the eOne Change Table is not creating a new record to trigger mapping for that record. When an administrator user updates the Quote instead, the record is added to the eOne Change Table just fine.
What CRM Security Role permissions do I need to grant the user so that Quotes they update will be added to the eOne Change Table so that they will properly integrate into GP?
Mike answered 5 years ago
Found the answer through trial and error. The following permissions need to be set in a Security Role in CRM so that the user’s activities willupdate the SmartConnect change tables:
On the Customization tab, assign Create, Read, Write, and Delete rights to:
Plug-in Assembly
Plug-in Type
All of the Sdk Message permissions

On the Custom Entities tab, assign Create, Read, Write, Delete, Append, and Append To rights to:
Any permissions that begin with eOne Change:

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