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CRM Query Links

Jose Garcia asked 7 years ago
We are doing a bulk load query with CRM Online as the datasource.  I have a case where table A has two key fields that should link it to table B and I am having an issue making both links work together.  Stripping down the datasource query to just the two tables I get the following:

I can join the table based on one key field or the other, but if I try to use both I get the above message.  This happens when either using the original table name or an alias.  There are no visible conflicts in either table names.  Any idea what may be happening?  Is this a SmartConnect issue or a CRM issue?  Note this is SmartConnect
Please advise.  Thank you.
Jose Garcia replied 7 years ago

The error message did not paste properly. The error was;

“Table Alias New_ProductCost is not unique amongst all top level table joins and aliases”

Mark Anderson Staff replied 7 years ago

this appears to be a CRM issue, please check out this link

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