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CRM Invoice Import

Alberto Rodr asked 8 years ago
I'm trying to send some data from an ODBC Source to MS Dynamics CRM. So I can't insert it into CRM, the connector doesn't show error while importing data but I check it into the Database and Dynamics CRM and the info doesn't appear! The issue is that the Invoice header is sent correctly, but the Invoice Detail not! I hope you can help me! Some samples about that??
lorren replied 8 years ago


What version of SmartConnect are you using?
What version of CRM?

If you change the destination to CRM – File, does it create an XML file? That would at least show that it's reading the data source and creating a file to be sent to CRM.

Otherwise it might be something to contact support.

Alberto Rodr replied 8 years ago

Lorren, the SmartConnect version is 2014 and MS Dynamics CRM 2013. Let me check this point, I'm going to change the Destination to CRM – File. Thanks for your response!

Alberto Rdz replied 8 years ago

I have been checked the new Destination (CRM FIle) and both were created (Invoice and Invoice Detail)

lorren replied 8 years ago

So, if you change it back to Dynamics CRM and run the integration, there is no data when you log into CRM and no errors logged in the SmartConnect Event log?

If so, can you send the map to


Alberto Rdz replied 8 years ago

 I changed it back to Dynamics CRM and there is no data when I log into CRM 2013, also no errors are logged in the SmartConnect Event Log, I am goingo to send the map to the support email. Thanks a lot!

Michael replied 6 years ago

I’m experiencing the same exact issue. Is there a resolution? I was able to create a SalesOrder and Sales Order details, but not Invoice/ Invoice details

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