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kmpackard asked 8 years ago

I'm doing a CRM to CRM migration (don't ask) using ODBC as a data source.  I've successfully migrated most everything, but am having a lot of trouble figuring out how to deal with activity parties.  Activities have been migrated, but the party information is missing.  Is this something anyone has experience with?

Thank you!
Martin replied 8 years ago

Activity parties are tricky to put it mildly.  If you are going from CRM to CRM you should be able to map the GUID's direct.  For this case I would suggest connecting directly with the eOne support/consulting team 


Best Answer
lorren answered 8 years ago

You can use the advanced messages option on the CRM destination to allow you to create the relationship between one entity and another.

In that map you can set the guids of the source and target.

kmpackard replied 8 years ago

There must be something simple I'm missing due to inexperience.  Can somebody please provide a very brief step-by-step, assuming activities have been migrated with the original GUIDs?


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