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crm connector setup problem

Tony Iacono asked 8 years ago
 Hi Eone,
i’m trying to set up CRM connector in our PROD enviroment. I got it to setp with no problem in Dev. 
When i put CRM server and other infomation and then click on refresh to get the organization. I recieve an error:
Failed to connect to CRM server. could not find Microsoft.identity.model version….
Chris answered 8 years ago
Tony, you are missing the required Windows identity components. This article should take you to the correct download: 
The needed features should also be listed in the pre-req section of our manual.
Alyson Frost replied 7 years ago

The supported Operating system only goes up to Server 2008 , but my server is Windows 2012 R2. Have you tested any of the Windows Identity Foundation downloads with Windows 2012 R2?

Lorren Zemke Staff replied 7 years ago

Yes, you can use Windows Server 2012 R2 to connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. On 2012 it’s more of including it as one of the features versus installation.!book;uri=df2dab8d8907774c44443f20e5fff5d7;breadcrumb=2bab1b57b549afd17e4f56e52bb9ae96-7cd38cd22524a312ae8c38a9a0712afd-7a27f4139b54f4d37966cacf5fd05f32

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