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Creating Pivot Table with Excel Report Builder

LaKisha asked 8 years ago
I’m trying to create a Pivot Table using the Excel Report Builder.  But it’s giving me an error when I publish it stating that columns are missing aliases.  I don’t understand why this is happening when I have column names for all my columns.  When I display the SQL script, it uses the ISNULL function for all String fields and is not creating the appropriate aliases for them.  Here’s an example:

isnull(T1.[SOP Type], ”),
isnull(T1.[SOP Number], ”),
isnull(T1.[Item Number], ”),
isnull(T1.[Item Description], ”),

When I preview the data, the column names are there.  What could I be doing wrong?  I'm using GP 2013 R2, SmartList Builder 12.00.0075.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
A little late I’d say but I would just ran into this today as well.
The problem likely is that in the Excel Report Builder window you didn’t enter in a View Name.
The UI doesn’t make you enter this initially but then you can publish from another window and we aren’t expecting that the field would be blank and so attempt to create the view without a name and so it fails.  What is misleading a bit in that the error message just shows the “select” and not the “create view” piece of the SQL and so we don’t see the real issue unless you run a dexsql.log.

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