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Creating Inquiry window from Extender Form

Sean asked 8 years ago
I created three Extender forms to capture Insurance Policy information which work pretty seamlessly. However, these are data capture screens and don’t want my users to alter information in them. How do I create inquiry screens from these forms?
Best Answer
Nicole answered 8 years ago
Extender Forms don’t have an inquiry option like the Windows do. I have entered a product request to add it however. If you have Extender Enterprise, you could use the scripting actions to have it grey out the fields based on the user logging in to make it an inquiry type window. Our services team could certainly help write the script to do this if you need assistance.
Sean replied 8 years ago

Hi Nicole –

Thank you for the reply. Is it possible to create a duplicate form, mark it as read only and the when they do a lookup on the ID, it pulls the information over based on the ID?

So for example, the Field ID prompt for this form is “Policy No.” and I was able to create a duplicate form and mark it read only. On the surface it works as I expect, but pulling in the details of the policy is where I’m getting stuck. Is this something the scripting team can assist with?


Nicole answered 8 years ago
This is all possible if you have Extender Enterprise as it just requires code to call from one window to another. If you want to setup a service to do this, you can contact the services team by e-mailing Lorren at address and mention that you are looking for a service to help with Extender. He can assist in either working on the service or finding someone who can help you out.

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