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Creating Document Distributions

Laurie asked 8 years ago
I am using the new SmartConnect 2014 functionality to be able to sum a field to create the summary part of the GL Distribution. My problem is that my input file has multiple lines for each invoice, so the Debit side must be summed on the 1st Distribution node, as well as grouped. So when I try to sum the 2nd Distribution node to create the Credit side of the Distribution, it will not save the grouping on that node. Is there another way to accomplish this? Thanks
patrick answered 8 years ago
Laurie, No, using the method as described in the blog is the only way to do it – other than creating a new distribution in your source data. When we talked about this the other day, I believe we found that you were using which does have a bug that if you don’t have a field that is the ‘group on’ field mapped to data then it won’t save.  This has been corrected in SC recently released. To solve this on your version, we used Node Maintenance to add a User Defined Field 1 to the map and mapped our group by column to that unused field which resolved our issue and allowed the map to run correctly. Patrick eone

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