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Creating Batches for Multiple Receipts

John asked 3 years ago
For a GP Purchase Receipts map, I have created a calculated field in the Create Receipt node mapping for the Batch Number.  
The following is the formula for this calculated field:  return “PRC”+DateTime.Now.ToString(“MMddyy”)+GlobalRollingColumn.
The “GlobalRollingColumn” is a Custom Rolling Column that autoincrements by 1 for each batch.  This works great.
But, upon importing receipts, each receipt is placed into its own batch.  This is creating numerous batches.
How can these receipts be grouped into single batches?
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 3 years ago
Custom Rolling Columns will increment based on your key fields. So if you have two unique records based on your key field grouping then two new batches will be created. For your scenario it may be best to use GlobalRunNumber instad of GlobalRollingColumn. GlobalRunNumber will cause a unique batch to be created for each new map run.
John Ellis replied 3 years ago

Thank you, Ethan, for the quick response! This was very helpful!

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