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Create Payment 2015

Rick Zich asked 7 years ago
I am wanting to auto apply payments that I import from our webstore.  This is the process that I am doing:

  1. Import the web order as an invoice

  2.  Post the invoice

  3.  Import the payment (via the taRMCashReceiptInsert command through smartconnect)

  4. Post the payment

  5. Apply the payment (via the taRMApply command through smartconnect)

I am getting an error 568 Stored Procedure.  It says that it cannot find the Apply To Document.  It is there though as I can see it through the UI and I also went into the RM20101 and can also see it in the table as well.  Is there anything that you can think off that I am doing wrong?
Rick Zich answered 7 years ago
OK, I have solved this on.  Was a mistake on my side as we have a couple clones setup in our  DB and I chose the wrong one.  It is working as expected.

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