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create job position – how do I import alpha jobtitles

Cathy Croteau asked 5 years ago
When importing a jobtitle such as 02013B, the map fails saying parameter not passed (it passes a blank).  If I replace it with an integer, map runs successfully.  The text field is char(7) in GP.  The map specifies the field (on the right side of the mapping) as a character field.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
You don’t say where the data is coming from but my guess is either Excel or a flat file such as csv.
1. If Excel, go into it and change the column datatype from “General” to “Text”
What you see happens is because the odbc driver is guessing this column is an integer and so a alphanumeric field such as 02113B isn’t valid and so is blanked out.

2. csv file.
this is essentially the same issue in that the odbc driver guessed “integer” as well.  however with a flat file go into the data sources and press the ‘create schema’ button.  Now you can go into it and switch the datatype from Integer to Char (make sure to tab off the field so it saves). 
Now then ODBC will read this column as char and not int and you’ll be good.
Cathy C. replied 5 years ago

It worked. I was using a CSV file and after I created the schema, it works! Good tip about tabbing out. I didn’t the first time and it didn’t save. Thank you so much!

oscar answered 3 weeks ago

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