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Create Internet Address Mapping

jppowers asked 9 years ago
GP2013, SC I have the realtime CRM to GP account map running and have mapped a CRM field to populate a GP internet address email field in the Internet Addresses node on the template map GP_ACC_RT. The "Create Customer" & "Add Customer Address" nodes work as expected in that if the CRM field is empty they will not overwrite GP if GP has data in the mapped field. The "Create Internet Address" node on the other hand WILL overwrite the mapped field in GP with a blank field, even though the "Update Blank Data" checkbox is not selected. Also I do not have the "Update Existing" checkbox selected but it will update the GP record regardless. It appears that the 2 checkboxes have NO effect on wether the mapped data gets pushed. Is this bug known and addressed in a newer version?
David replied 9 years ago


It's not a bug with SmartConnect, however some of the Microsoft eConnect nodes are buggy.  One that specifically comes to mind is Employee master.  If you use that specific mapping, any fields that you don't map get overwritten with blanks.  Even if you don't have the "Overwrite with Blanks" checked.  So literally if you have just the employee ID and the first name mapped, it wipes all all the other existing data in the form even if it's not mapped at all. 

So there are some specific eConnect nodes that will overwrite existing data with blanks even though you tell it not to.  Unfortuantantly we don't have a list of all the nodes that do this, as there are hundreds of eConnect nodes.  Microsoft encrypts them, so we cannot get in them to fix them, only Microsoft can fix their eConnect nodes. 

The main one I see it in is Payroll Employees, I run into that one a lot because a lot of people use it. 

You can open a case with Microsoft and submit an eConnect bug on the nodes that you find behaving this way, the more people we have submitting a bug to them, the more likely they are to fix it. 

jppowers replied 9 years ago

Hi David
Thanks for your response. So as to be clear, I am actually mapping the field in question, it is NOT an unmapped field. In the CRM the field may be blank or may have data in it. When the map runs the CRM data goes to GP even when the CRM field is blank, therefore overwriting data in GP with blank data. You are confirming that this is an eConnect issue for sure ?


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