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Create General Ledger Account – Is the User ID stored?

Rod asked 7 years ago
When using a smart connect map, we are creating General ledger account strings. Can we pass the userID of the person creating the record? This value would be in an excel file along with the other data importing into GP. If that is possible, what GP table should show the UserID?
So for example, if Joe filled out the excel, one excel column would show account string 1-00-0000-00-0000 and the next excel column should show JOE, etc…
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
This is more of a GP support question as it comes out as “is there a spot in the GP GL tables that stores the user that created the entry”.
If I enter a transaction by hand and look in the GL10000 table, I see that the LASTUSER column does contain the user id that entered it.  This table doesn’t seem to have the typical CRUSRID that is typically used but uses LASTUSER user.
Knowing that there is a spot for this, then we can see if eConnect supports it.
Looking at the eConnect SDK for GL:
There IS a field called USERID that doesn’t really have much explanation.  Now I do also note that the field is USERID and not LASTUSER like the GP table has.
If we look in SmartConnect, there is the same USERID field on the ‘create transaction header’ mapping.  If you map the user there, then it goes into the LASTUSER field in GP.
To be honest, never have seen that before where the field in eConnect is named diferetly than the field in GP.
Rod Carlson answered 7 years ago
I appreciate the feedback, Patrick. What I am referring to is not the transaction. It is the account master string itself. I checked the following tables GL00105, GL00100, and GL00102 to no avail.
Thanks anyway.

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