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Create a CRM Entity 2 record from a CRM Entity 1 record asked 10 years ago
I am looking for a sample of how to create a CRM record from another CRM record.

In my trials I continue to get a duplicate record issue and only the first record gets created.  The remaining records in my dataset all return "1 duplicates found. For entity 'entity2' where '' in organization 'OrgABC'".

I assume this is because I am not populating the target entity's uniqueidentifier.  If this is the case how do I force CRM via SmartConnect to handle this?
Best Answer
Hanson answered 9 years ago

I think we resolved this working together but for everyones benefit the idea of how CRM does updates should follow a couple things we set in the map.

CRM doesn't have set fields/attributes it does updates based off of when importing to it. Rather it takes whatever fields we have grouped by for each entity that we are mapping to. So for line entities (product lines, order lines, price list items, etc) you will want to make sure you have it grouped by enough fields to that CRM sees each record as a unique one.

Normally it would be something like a line item identifier (or some sort of id field) and then you will also want to group on the entity lookup that find what the guid is for the header/parent entity.


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