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Could not save record. For new maps only

Steve asked 7 years ago
When creating any new map, hitting save results in 'could not save record'.  I've tried several combinations of Data Sources and Destinations, but so far, each results in 'could not save record'.  To get around this, I duplicate an existing map, and then change it completely to the new map I want to create.  Then I am able to save just fine.  It is only with a brand new map that I get the error.

lorren replied 7 years ago


Which version of SmartConnect are you currently using? Does it matter which destination type or source type you use?

Steve replied 7 years ago

We're using version For the source type, it seems to be using Bulk Data Load that is causing the issue but Data Source doesn't seem to make a difference.  Destination also doesn't seem to matter,.

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