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Could not log into the SQL Server

Brady Riopelle asked 8 years ago
I’m running into an issue after upgrading to SmartConnect 2013 R2. After installing, I get the following error when trying to connect:
Could not log into the SQL Server.
I thought maybe I didn’t have the correct password for the SmartConnect user that is used to connect to the database (specified during install). So I uninstalled and removed the SmartConnect user from the Database and from SQL security. Then went through the SmartConnect Installation again so it would automatically re-create that SQL login. It did create the login but it’s still having issues logging in.
I verified that my domain account was part of the admin users in Smartconnect, I set the installer to use the ‘sa’ credentials so I should have full security during install. I have verified that the windows, web service, and econnect service have access to SQL as well.
Elsa Williams replied 1 year ago

Can .net 4.8 be installed?

patrick answered 8 years ago
You probably don’t have .net 4.5 installed on the machine.  The install pre-req check should have caught that but we’ve seen this a number of times where it has not and SC installs just fine.  But then you get this error on log in.
Download .net 4.5 and install it and you should be good.
Dee Gardner replied 8 years ago

I am having the same problem as Brady and I took similar actions.

Dee Gardner replied 8 years ago

I forgot to say I checked and .net 4.5 is already installed on my server.

Brady Riopelle replied 8 years ago

Hey Patrick,

.NET 4.5 was the issue for me. Thanks for the quick help.

Dee, when you click connect, is it giving you that error message almost right away or does it process/try to connect for a little bit? (you should see the progress bar move, if it doesn’t… I’d double check the .net framework again)

If it is processing, you might have an issue with the “SmartConnect” SQL user.

Brady answered 7 years ago
If you have the SmartConnect database into SQL Server check if the SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) service is “In execution” within Windows Services. This service will be “Stopped”. It works for me!
Hope it can help you!

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