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Could not get next number for Journal entry number

Paul H asked 8 years ago
A client of ours is trying to repoint their maps from a test GP instance to their production instance, but when running the maps, they fail because they, “Could not retrieve the next number in the sequence,” for a GP rolling column. Upon running a SQL trace, it looks like the stored procedures that are supposed to get the next number aren’t installed. This is basically the problem described in another post ( and I realize I could script these stored procedures as suggested, but isn’t this something the installer or maintenance ought to be able to handle?
Lorren Zemke answered 8 years ago
The E1 stored procedures are created in each company when you run System Maintenance in SmartConnect after the Dynamics GP connector has been set up. When those procedures are called, it uses the credentials stored in the Dynamics GP Connector, so if the Use Credentials checkbox is not marked, it will use Window Authentication for calling each procedure. Otherwise it uses the credentials provided.

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