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copy/paste Smartview to Excel

Sherry asked 9 years ago
User reports that she got a new laptop. On her old laptop, she could open a smartview for account transactions, right click, select all, copy, and paste the results into Excel. All columns pasted correctly. On her new laptop, she follows the same procedure, but the columns do not get split correctly. For example, the debit, credit, and each of the account segments are all crammed together in one cell. Data that should be spread across multiple columns get put together in one column. she believes her old laptop had excel 2007, and the new one is excel 2010. Any ideas? What would cause this to be different? Same smartview, same procedure, different results. Thanks!
Jared replied 9 years ago

Can you tell me what version of SmartView is being used and also upload an image of the pasted results in Excel?

Sherry replied 9 years ago

This apparently resolved itself overnight; the user reported the next morning that it was fixed. I have no idea what happened. Thanks.

martin replied 9 years ago

See – eOne fixes things while people sleep! 

Sherry replied 9 years ago

Magic! I could use that on a couple of other outstanding issues, please 🙂

Robyn Evans replied 4 years ago

We are having this issue as well
Any ideas what resolved it?

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