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copy/import extender forms & views

Renee asked 4 years ago
We have 2 separate terminal servers, US and Canada due to Mekorma compatibility. Is there a way to copy/import the extender forms, views and windows? There are several which I\’d rather not re-input manually if possible.� Thank you
Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago

Easiest way is to export them.
Tools | Extender | Export

while in the company they exist in currently.

Then just go to the other machine and use Tools | Extender | Import and they should come in the same as they were.

I don’t believe that this will actually create the SQL view on the import. I think you’ll have to log in as sa/DYNSA and go into each Extender View and press Save.

This will cause Extender to call the SQL script to create the actual SQL View.

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