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Copy data from one Extender window to another

Tracy Dallas asked 6 years ago
Our Customer Master has an Extender window for additional information and that data should flow to the respective fields in the SOP User Defined window for all transactions.  It seems like this was available in an earlier version through a hot key.  How is this programmed in GP2015 R2 with standard Extender?
Patrick Roth Staff replied 6 years ago

There isn’t any possible way that you could do this w/o being able to code and action using Dexterity.
I wouldn’t know how you could have done that previously as there certainly isn’t anything in GP that would loop through existing GP records and add/change any data.

Now maybe if you were using a Form and using it to create a new GP Transaction then possibly. But a window – not without coding it yourself.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 6 years ago


I said “… isn’t anything in GP that …”

I meant “isn’t anything in Extender that …”


Tracy answered 6 years ago
Hi Patrick…thanks for the prompt response.  Whatever the automation it was definitely before my time…in the Sales Transaction Window there’s an option in the Additional menu to Update User Defined Fields.  It copies three Extender fields from a custom window linked the Customer Master and populates the respective fields in the Sales User Defined Window.
To confirm, you’re saying that there’s no way to recreate that with the standard Extender/GP functionality?

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