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Convert SmartList Favorite issue

Gerry W asked 4 years ago
I’ve converted a few Sales Line Items Favorites and all of them have a common problem.
The Search Criteria in GP is SOP TYPE = Invoice
However, in SmartView they are all set to Quote.
How can this be fixed?
We’re on GP 2015R2
Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago

Could be a bug on your version of SmartView.

I just tested this on the latest GP 2018 SmartView release and the “convert favorites” window properly converted my SOP Type = Invoice so that SV only shows the Sales Line Items report to be Invoices as we expect to see.

The solution from your end is either:
1. manually recreate the favorite in SV
2. edit the existing “incorrectly converted” favorite to fix that restriction
3. edit one of those converted favorites, make a backup of the DYNAMICS db, and then manually fix the SQL statement for the restriction in the SV00100 for those favorites using the hand edited favorite as a guide.

Gerry W answered 4 years ago
Thanks Patrick,
Those suggestions should be enough for me to overcome the issue.
Is there a list of SV tables available that I may have missed?
It would be helpful to have them.
Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago


No, there isn’t any kind of published list of the SV tables. However the information regarding SV favorites is SV00100-SV00110. Not every table will have a record for every favorite.

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