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Connection could not be validated – Could not find an entity with specified entity name: new_account_tracking

Mike asked 6 years ago
Good morning!
I’m exploring creating maps with a CRM data source Change Data source. I’m getting the following error message:
“Connection could not be validated: Could not find an entity with specified entity name: new_account_tracking”
I have new_account_trackingid set up as my key field. However, no new_account_tracking table has ever been created in the CRM database. Do I need to grant any sort of permissions to SmartConnect so it can write the new_account_tracking table to our CRM database? Or would that table be stored in SmartConnects database?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
The table will reside in the crm database where CRM can get to it.
To get it created you need.
1. a user on the CRM connector that has permissions to create entities/tables
2. in the crm connector window, “allow smartconnect to create tables”
3. on the map itself, check the checkbox for allow smartconnect to create the table
once you do this, SC will create it for you right as you enter it in the map window.

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