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Connecting to mysql database on a linux server

Tjackson asked 8 years ago
I have a client that is about to install a new linux server and mysql database that they will be using to collect data that will eventually need to be imported as GP transactions using SmartConnect.  
I am a new user to SmartConnect, only importing flat files so far, so I am curious if SmartConnect is capable of making connection directly to MYSQL tables on a separate machine. 

Anyone know if this is possible?

Thank you
inksplatter replied 8 years ago

I believe that SmartConnect has the ability for a MySQL connect. However, you can also connect MSSQL to MySQL as a linked server. When you link the server you’re also linking the database. So if you need more than 1 database you’d need more than one linked server.

Once the linked server is established your query would look like:

SELECT * FROM [Linked Server]…[table/view name]

This becomes useful because you can actually join MySQL and MSSQL tables. It might be a little slower than directly going to MySQL.

Best Answer
Lorren answered 8 years ago

The best way to connect to MySQL is to install and setup the MySQL ODBC Driver.

You can select the DataSource Type of ODBC Connection.  Click on the Connection String lookup and choose "Select a DSN".  From the Select Data Source window, select the DSN that you created in the first step.  Follow the windows to connect to your database and you should be able to write SQL against that MySQL Database.


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