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configure real Time Data Sources for GP

Omar asked 10 years ago

I have an issue when I try to configure real Time Data Sources for GP


I can’t be able to see any  Product in the Settings to complete the setup.

Ken replied 9 years ago

Hi Omar,
I get the impression from your message that you may not have created your Real Time datasource as yet. The Real Time maps require you to go and create a specific real time datasource which creates triggers in GP for your datasource.

To create the datasource for your map, go to the "Real Time Data Sources" button at the top of the SmartConnect window. It is here that you need to detail your real time data source.

For more information on creating your GP Real Time Data Source go to the documentation and at
"Using the Microsoft GP Connector -> Data Sources -> GP Real-Time"
and details are in the bottom half of the page

Also, if you are having any issues with the Real-Time Map, have a look at this link in the Knowledge Base for pointers of where the issue may be occuring

I hope this helps.


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