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Compatibility with GP 2015 R2

Riaan Taljaard asked 7 years ago
Is Extender compatible with Dynamics GP 2015 R2 yet?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 7 years ago
Extender is compatible with Dynamics GP 2015 R2 and any other currently released builds of Dynamics GP 2015.
Jennifer Wheeler replied 7 years ago

So, stupid question time. With GP 2013 you had separate versions of Extender for GP 2013 and GP 2013 R2. For GP 2015 I only see the one version of Extender. So, that one version will work with both GP 2015 and GP 2015 R2?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 7 years ago

There was a security api change between GP 2013 and 2013 R2 and so two different versions of Extender to cope with that. However there isn’t such a change in 2015/2015 R2 and so we only need one version of Extender.

So – yes.

Jim replied 7 years ago

What is the correct upgrade path from GP2010 SP4 to GP2015 R2 for Extender and SL Builder? Do we have to go through 2013 or can we go straight to GP2015 R2 per the normal GP recommended upgrade path?


John Chastain replied 7 years ago

What is the answer to Jim’s question? I upgraded somebody from GP2010 to GP2013 and had to run the scripts to update data, but I’m wondering if I can do the same going straight to GP2015 R2 from GP2010 SP4.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 7 years ago


It’s best to stick to the topic of the thread and not introduce new topics onto the thread.

The documentation and this blog article does tell us that you can update to either Extender 2013 or Extender 2015 from GP 2010. There isn’t really a difference from an Extender perspective as both sets of data need to be converted the same way.


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