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Columns and Grouping won’t save correctly

gagepac asked 8 years ago
I can move the columns around as I see fit, group by a specific field, save, select another object, come back to the previous one and the columns have returned to "default" and the grouped field becomes another grouped field. This happens across all objects. It is incredibly frustrating. 
Best Answer
Jared answered 8 years ago
We are aware of the groupings being saved incorrectly and are currently working on a new build to resolve this issue.   I will post an update when the new build is available for download.  Thank you.
LukeLien answered 8 years ago
We ran into the same problem you are describing.  However, we also found a method that seems to work.

We found that when we saved a smartview a certain way, the sorting and column order would be jumbled next time we opened that same view.

However, we found that if you click on the header (not just the plus sign) when navigating to the report, it works.

So for example:  If we saved our "Sales Orders" view a certain way, I would first click on "Sales", then click on  "Sales Line Items" (at which point, it will run a view), then click on "Sales Orders"…  This will run the view exactly as it had been saved.

I hope the solution we found is also effective for you.

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