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Column Chooser on Map main menu

Chris Mast asked 7 years ago
On the main SmartConnect screen I’d like to add some additional columns from the Map table. But the column chooser doesn’t appear to list all the available columns. Can you please add ALL of the columns from the Map table to the column chooser? Thank You.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
Thanks Chris.
Just to clarify, when you press the Maps button – SmartConnect shows you the list of Maps you have access to (this is the default view when opening SmartConnect).
The current columns available are:
Map Id, Description, Group, Data Source, Destination, Last Run Date, Run Number, Owner, and Scheduled.
In the Map table, there are a LOT more columns and Chris would like that any column from that table be available for display (he was looking for Modified Date and Modified User).
Chris Mast replied 7 years ago

correct. thank you.

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