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Code Validation

Adriaan Davel asked 8 years ago
I’m having a REALLY hard time with calculated fields. For some or other reason my code validation lists numerous errors, even when I only use the default script (return “”;). Any suggestions on figuring out how to overcome this? I have tried to exit the app completely and opening it again but the problem persists I’m using version
Best Answer
lorren answered 8 years ago

When you click validate, it looks at every calculated field/script that exists for that map.

If you have switched the language from VB.NET to C# or C# to VB.NET after having created the map or written scripts, SmartConnect does not convert them to the other language.

Places where scripts exist are Calculated Fields, Restrictions, Companies->Define button or Map Tasks.

Adriaan Davel replied 8 years ago

Hi Lorren,

Thanks for the info. What you are saying does however not make any sense to me. The way you are doing it makes it VERY difficult to understand where the problem lies. If you believe that it is the best way of doing it could I ask that you at least indicate in which calculated field the error was encountered.

I would prefer to only validate the code I am looking at, but having a validation on the map level has some value so you could make that available else where

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