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Chief Accountant

Jason Thomas asked 7 years ago
I am doing a inventory transaction upload and I am receiving the following message in Smart Connect – Procedure or Function ‘taIVTransactionLineInsert expects parameter @I_vITEMNMBR, which was not supplied
The purpose of my upload is a quanity adjustment for inventory items. How do I fix? Help 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
It means that you didn’t map the Item Number field in your map.
Or you did, but that field is empty in your source data.
Or another common occurrence is that users will create calculated fields and then map the calculated field.  But there is a logic issue in the calculation so that it always returns an empty string or variable.
Easy way to diagnose this (and see that this is your issue) is to set the output to Dynamics GP – File.
then look at the XML and note that the item number is being passed empty.
then review your data/calculation and see where things go awry.

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