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Randal asked 9 years ago
Upon launch of Dynamics GP, continuously receive the message – Smartlist Builder has detected changes to be made. Do you want to make these changes now?

Logged in as 'sa' and answering Yes to the prompt, the process completes.  However, the message is almost every time.

Checking the SLB80000, the Smartlist_ID values are all decimal values ie .12, .20, …

Only one GP user has access to SLB besides 'sa' and they state they are not making changes.

Is there a way to identify the source for who is making changes, what the changes are, and possibly eliminate further changes?
Randal replied 9 years ago

Additional question – what do the different values for the Smarltist_Change_Type column represent in the SLB20000 table?

Jared replied 9 years ago

Anytime there is a record in the SLB20000 table there has been a change to a SmartList and that message will appear everytime you launch SmartList.  The decimals in the SmartList_ID mean that an original out-of-the-box SmartList has been modified.  If you would like to get the original back you can delete the modified version in SmartList Builder and the original SmartlIst will be returned.  You can also tell which original SmartLists have been modified right in SmartList builder by changing the SmartList Type to existing and then in the SmartList ID there will be an asterisk after modified SmartLists.  By opening an orginal SmartList in SmartList Builder and clicking save will cause it to be modified even if nothing was technically done to the SmartList.  

The Smartlist_Change_Type column will be a 1 the first time a SmartList is created and a 2 for any changes to an already existing list.

Randal replied 9 years ago

Thank you for the information! 

What does a 3 within the Smartlist_Change_Type column represent?

Randal replied 9 years ago

I have additional questions around the SLB10000 and SLB20000 tables. 

The scenario is where a modification is made to the default Accounts Smartlist and saved within the UI.  Querying the SLB10000 table, the SmartList_Name shows an entry titled Accounts.  However the SmartList _ID = .1

The SLB10000 table contains 14 records which none of them are .20.

Now querying the SLB20000, the SmartList_ID has a value of .20 with the SmartList_Change_Type of 2.

How is it that SLB20000 references an ID which does not exist within the SLB10000?

Jared replied 9 years ago

A 3 represents that the SmartList has been deleted.

Jared replied 9 years ago

Depending on the steps you are doing in SmartList Builder combined with the steps of running SmartList to apply the changes you will have different results.  Sometime the SmartList_ID will be linked to the SmartList_Number depending on if the list is in the ASIEXP81 table or not.  

In your case it looks like your Sales Lines Items SmartList was modified at one point giving it the SmartList_ID of .20.  Then it was modified again  and deleted without applying the changes in SmartList which will make it not available in the SLB10000, but it will still be in the SLB20000 as two records (the modification and the removal) until SmartList is launched and the changes are applied.

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