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Changes Only – Data Source Type

Alberto asked 8 years ago
I am trying to perform a Map with Changes Only Data Source but when I select a Table from my Database I receive an error like this: “You cannot create a change data source on a table without a key”…
Do you have any idea about it?
Chris Hanson Staff answered 8 years ago
Alberto, our SQL Change Data Source maps require at least one key field setup on the table. SQL allows you to create a table without a primary key – but we can’t track changes on that table as we use the Key Field(s) on a table to do so.
You need to add a key field to that table and then it would work.
Alberto replied 8 years ago

Thanks a lot Chris!

I checked out the table and it doesn’t had a key field. Then, I added a primary key to the SQL table and it works fine!

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