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Change Security Specifiying Which Users Can See / Create Views

Ken Riley asked 5 years ago
Currently only sa or a user with the SQL sysadmin server role can see the ‘Views’ window in Extender. Allowing users with less than sysadmin in SQL would allow Extender development without providing full rights to the SQL instance.  This would allow Extender development to users with less rights and a finer level of security in the database.  For a multi-tenant environment or a SQL instance that has more than GP databases installed, this would provide better control of access to the other databases on the SQL instance.
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 5 years ago
Thank you for the Product Suggestion.  I have written it up for our development team and we will evaluate it for a future release.  Today, SmartList Builder allows for sysadmin or db_owner (of each database you are using).  This is most likely what Extender would be changed to.  If there are other roles that you know of that are able to create SQL Views and you want included for evaluation, please let us know.
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 4 years ago
The feature was added to Extender 2016 in Build 16.00.0057 and was therefore included in Extender 2018 when released.  Views can now be created by users in the db_owner database role as well.

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