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Change security so that a user with access to an Extender Window does not need access to an associated inquiry.

Kirk Livermont asked 7 years ago
I have come across this situation a few times where a user has access to a window but not an associated inquiry and this ends up preventing access to the Extender window. Obviously there is no concern about someone with the ability to edit data in the window being able to access the inquiry however this adds an extra step when adjusting security for new windows. It would be great if granting security to both the inquiry and window was not required.
Patrick Roth Staff replied 7 years ago


This is how Extender Security is currently designed. Security objects for each Extender Window and each Inquiry window from that window are assigned unique security ID’s. That is the reason we see them as different objects in the GP Security window. And actually the same reason why occasionally why you _don’t_ see a window/form/inquiry in the GP Security window.

So then in GP Security, you then grant access to the Extender Window and each specific inquiry individually however you like.

I just retested this on my GP 2013 install and it worked perfectly.
If you are seeing the above behavior, then either you have an Extender version that has a problem of some kind or else you are running into some kind of ‘odd’ situation.

Kirk Livermont replied 7 years ago

Hi Pat,
I must be running into an odd situation then. My Extender version is 12.10.0125. When we last looked at this together we determined that the security call when opening the window was calling the security for the inquiry before the window and subsequently denying access once it hit the initial access denied on the inquiry. I don’t see this listed specifically in the fix list for the .130 release. Let me know if you thinking updating to the latest version will resolve this.


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