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Change Maximum Records for Current Session Only

Frank Heslin asked 4 years ago
Nicole Albertson Staff replied 4 years ago

I am not sure what was uploaded for the content of this as it did not come through on the post. Can you try to include your detail for your product suggestion again? I think I can get the basics from your title, but we want to be sure we understand what you are looking for.

Frank Heslin replied 4 years ago

Nicole, I sent you an email with the image, but I’ll re-post here for others.

Suggestion: Allow user to change max records WITHOUT permanently saving.

Maybe something like this: (Was an image of a mocked up Maximum Records dialog box; I added a Temp button)

The TEMPORARY button changes the max records number until one of three things happen:
• Change the max records & click the TEMPORARY button again
• Change the max records & click Save
• Close the SmartList

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