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Change map on custom CRM entity

JosephMarkovich asked 10 years ago
Hello:  I have created a custom entity in CRM and I want to have a change map to update data back in GP.  When I select the CRM change map source and my custom entity, an error appears saying the data source is not valid.  This is the error message: Server was unable to process request.  Running version — any assistance is appreciated.  Thanks!  -Joe
Best Answer
kevin answered 10 years ago

Depending on the version of SmartConnect you are using the reason for your error probably differs.  If you are not on the latest version of SmartConnect the change tables and change triggers for CRM need to be set up inside CRM before the change map is created in SmartConnect.  Documentation on how to do this can be found by downloading the CRM 2011 change tracking entities file here and checking the documentation in the zip file.

If you are on the latest version of SmartConnect then there is a checkbox on the change data source form 'Allow SmartConnect to manage tables' Checking this box will allow SmartConnect to create the required change table, as well as manage the change triggers via a plugin.



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