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Change in server name

Ankur asked 10 years ago

What is the best way to make the necessary changes in the Smart Connect install on the server and users workstation if the name of the server is changed?

For example: The current server name is SQLPROD, this server has SQL default instance, GP application and SmartConnect (2012_b16), if we change the server name to GPPROD, do I need to uninstall SmartConnect and re-install it? Can I change the values in the SmartConnect database to update the new server name, if so what are the tables.
Please note that we are not moving data to another server.

Best Answer
Lorren answered 10 years ago
Ankur,  The attached KB article explains the table to update to have the SQL Server name changed for the maps.  You will have to manually update any ODBC Data Source that you've created.  Thanks, Lorren
Jessica replied 8 years ago

Is there updated information on this?  The link posted here is now a dead link and I have the same question.

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