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Change Data Source Duplicating Integrations

KG asked 2 years ago
I am polling a field on an SQL table for a change from 0 to 1 to indicate the an order is ready for integration. The preview of the data source does not any changes when the flag is zero (expected) while the sc_gen_ table is tracking all the changes. However, I notice that once I flip the flag to 1, the integration picks up all the changes instead of only the record for when the flag flips to 1.
This results in a number of integrations occurring instead of 1. (Eg. if 5 changes occurred in total, once flag flips to 1 it will do 5 integrations of the same information.)
How can I get it to only integrate information for when flag flips only ?
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 2 years ago
Yes, the Change Data source in SmartConnect tracks any and all changes to the selected table and the Query you define tells SmartConnect to include any “changed” records that match the query.
So, once the flag is set to 1, it grabs all record changes.
The best option is to follow the steps in this article which describes steps to use that tracking table as a data source so you can control the grouping of data and get it send the transaction once instead of 5 (per your example)

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