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Chaining Maps

Sherry Whitten asked 5 years ago
I need to run five GP customer master file related maps in order.  Some of the maps in the chain may not always return data (if for example we don’t have any new parent IDs to set up).  Right now, I have the maps chained together – map 1 calls map 2, map 2 calls map 3, etc.  If any map along the way has No Data Returned, I need the next map to run anyway.  It is not.  If No Data Returned, the entire chain stops there.
I would rather run them using post map tasks.  The only alternative I can think of is to run them using schedules. 
Suggestions?  Thanks.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
1. instead of having Map1->Map2->Map3->Map4->Map5
instead make multiple “run map” tasks on map 1 to run them
Make sure that you have the “on success” and “on fail” both set to Continue
2. make sure that you have “if no data then return success” marked on the options for the map.  so if not data then that is ok and should run the “map success” branch and then run the next run map task
Sherry WHITTEN answered 5 years ago
Changing the map option “if not data then return success” was the magic answer.  Thank you!

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